Embedding Clips Gets Errors

Hi there! I have been trying to get some clips of one of our partners up on our site. I just embedded it with the iframe that Twitch gave me. I am getting a lot of errors. Is there anyone that could help me fix these errors?

Show us the code you used to embed the clip

This is the first video:

Let me know if you want the rest. I didn’t want to spam. Thanks, Barry!

<iframe src="https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=JoyousRespectfulPlumberBCouch" width="620" height="378" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

Well an iframe should "JustWork"™

But you should be looking at

For embeds really

please update if you fix the problem. sorry i can’t help as i’m in need of help myself. but i would like to get an update if possible as i know there is what i can learn from. thanks

@Crect111 are you using the Embed logic I have linked to? Or just a iframe? What are your errors?

Hello guys,

I’m jumping in because I’ve had a bunch of errors on video embeds since I’ve been working at a new page. It’s the 1st time I work with embeds.

I tried both the simpler “iframe” code and the one including “script” tags and I was getting the same errors most of the time. Note these errors only show up in Firefox console, not Chrome’s.

I currently have 6 iframes on the page and here’s what the blue Firefox logs: https://gyazo.com/fa2295b603772853f84486992b363757?token=d5126d65c320387f737f69615143c668

Would there be any way to get rid of those errors?

Any help would much appreciated


UPDATE: I tried using the suggestions that @BarryCarlyon suggested. I am still getting errors on my site. As well, I tried to set the autoplay to “false”. With it not setting, does that mean it could be something in the site causing the issues?

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