Embedding just chat and the bits button is not coming across

Hi I am embedding the chat function on my website and the bits buttons is not copy across with the chat is there a simple fix to this or is it more complex. I know chat went down on Jan 5th I have tested it on many stream URLS and am getting the same result. Not bit button copy’s over

The Bits button is not available in embeds. Viewers should visit a channel on twitch.tv or in the app in order to cheer.

Thanks for this is there any way I can create something that will work with the chat using the pubsub system or does this only work on the stream video. It would be nice to be able to embed the chat and bits button for my channel on my website. I want to start streaming hearthstone when I get time and allow people to support the streamer with out leaving my website. I understand its a complex system, are there any plans in the future to allow this?

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