Embedding my channel on my website (Purple Screen)

Hello Team,
I have a personal website and would like to embed my Twitch channel on my site but when I do I see a purple page with a countdown claiming I am either using an ad-blocker (which I am not) or because it’s embedded elsewhere. Is there a way to avoid that completely? with API or something else?

Thank you

The Purple Screen of Death as it’s often called is an intentional part of the Embed experience, and unfortunately is not avoidable.

If viewers want to watch without the PSoD they’ll need to watch on twitch.tv or one of the official apps.

Thank you for your response. It’s really well described. This is a sad monopoly decision like the “Apple ecosystem” - Not a fan at all.

This is killing the focus of anyone willing to share their live stream on their own site… no self promotion there again unless it’s with the annoying purple screen of death :frowning:

It’s the unfortunate result of a significant number of users running ad blocking software and abusing the Twitch Embed to avoid ads, and this blanket “solution” by Twitch that impacts all embed users rather than just those use ad block is what we’re left with.

I personally don’t agree with the PSoD, and I know industry professionals that used embeds in broadcast production that now have to use other means to get the streams which are less convenient, and there’s also the people like yourself who want to run a website to show their stream, but still Twitch is very aware of those issues and yet still decided to make the PSoD a permanent feature of the Embed.