Embedding the twitch player in HTTPS site

I’m trying to embed a stream in a website that is served over HTTPS. I’m using http://player.twitch.tv/?channel={CHANNEL}, as explained here. Unfortunately, web browsers don’t like mixed content; some of them won’t even load the HTTP asset by default. The user is required to click on an icon (usually a shield) to load ‘insecure content’, the page will refresh and the HTTPS icon will stop being green. Terrible user experience and image.

Can we please get this resource served over HTTPS?

EDIT: chat would also be nice to be loaded via HTTPS (http://www.twitch.tv/{channel}/chat)

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It’s much bigger a task than just serving the player over HTTPS. The vast video distribution network doesn’t support serving the video segments over HTTPS yet, so the player would still be broken as browsers generally don’t allow non-image resources to be loaded over insecure connections on HTTPS sites at all.

Video can’t be served over HTTPS? Or just streaming video? Because youtube, facebook, livestream and younow are HTTPS.

Any word on this? Am I left to assume that we won’t be able to serve secure websites if we want to embed Twitch in them?

For now, yes.

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<iframe src="https://www-cdn.jtvnw.net/swflibs/TwitchPlayer.rfc07d37fc4eed1d17243b452dd3441665496e1e0.swf?channel=YOURCHANNEL" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="720" width="1225"></iframe>

Found something but just a heads up your https green shield icon might not be there if you use this but the stream will load perfectly fine.

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