Embedding twich elements

Good afternoon everybody,

I’m currently trying to embed player and collection on my website and even if I tried many things, it’s still not working…


But always the same response :

player.twitch.tv is blocked

player.twitch.tv refused to connect.


My server properties : http (yes) https (no) ssl (yes)

Link to the broken page please


Your website needs to be at https embeds only work on https

So you need to force http visitors to the https url

testynbcollection is not a valid collection ID

Everything else seems correct.

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Thank you a lot for your help, I know already for the collection ID (it was just to prepare my code).

Unfortunately, my server doesn’t offer HTTPS url, is there another way to embed it ?

maybe embedding twitch on a third-party HTTPS server and embeding thisone in my actual server ?


Works fine for me

You just need to force

http://ynbcontent.com/iframe/livestream-2.html to https://ynbcontent.com/iframe/livestream-2.html

No, as one of the URL’s in the chain won’t be over SSL.

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You are the best, I love you bro !

Enjoy your best end of day !

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