Embedding Twitch Chat Error

Hi I’m having issue of adding Twitch Chat Embed.

Site: https://futbolparatodos.info/envivo/gran-hermano-en-vivo-24-horas/

<iframe sandbox="allow-storage-access-by-user-activation allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox allow-modals" name="ghpc" src="https://www.twitch.tv/embed/nekrox23/chat&parent=futbolparatodos.info&darkpopout&no-mobile-redirect=true" class="wh-100" loading="lazy"></iframe>

Your URL is incorrectly defined


Query string parameters start with a ? and use & to seperate.
So the first query param needs a ? not a &


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Thanks you for the reply.

I modified it but it doesn’t work

Hmm I see nothing else wrong with the URL.

But I’m getting weird popups when I click things on the site.
So I suspect the domain might have been blocked from use by Twitch due policy violations.

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Mmm ok thanks