Embedding Twitch Link Error

Hi everyone, I am trying to embed a Twitch channel on my website. The iframe works perfectly when I am working on localhost. Here is the link I use in the localhost:

But it is broken here: http://updatedvoxpopdevelopmntenviornment-env.eba-znfnemkp.us-east-2.elasticbeanstalk.com/Home

Despite the fact that I changed the parent parameter.
Here is the broken link: Twitch


SSL is required this URL has no SSL…
And the SSL version of the page has no valid certificates

Thanks for your fast reply! So unless the page has valid SSL certificates, it won’t, is that correct?

SSL is required.

If you don’t have valid certs, people get a nasty error visting your page and advised not to visit

Make sense. But the parent parameter is correct, right?

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yes it looks correct