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i have a question, i have implemented interactive embedded video (twitch player) in my page but its still showing chat aswell. In documentation there are options for video/clips (my case), chat, everything which differs in script path https://player.twitch.tv/js/embed/v1.js

. Is there a way to have interactive twitch player without chat showing at all or disabled like non-interactive option with iframes ?

Thanks in advance.

Declare a layout parameter with value channel

    <!-- Add a placeholder for the Twitch embed -->
    <div id="twitch-embed"></div>

    <!-- Load the Twitch embed JavaScript file -->
    <script src="https://embed.twitch.tv/embed/v1.js"></script>

    <!-- Create a Twitch.Embed object that will render within the "twitch-embed" element -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
      new Twitch.Embed("twitch-embed", {
        width: 854,
        height: 480,
        channel: "monstercat",
        layout: 'video',
        // Only needed if this page is going to be embedded on other websites
        parent: ["embed.example.com", "othersite.example.com"]
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