Embeds Down This Morning?

I call the embedable rooms on my site two ways:

  1. Dyanmically via the API where people Browse Games, Then Go Down To Room Level.
    But, nothing is showing.

  2. And, statically as a page with the following basic code:

Neither one works this morning for me. I tried this embed code on another site that I think has a different IP. But, it also did not work.

This all could be related to the ssl cert issues twitch is having at the moment.

Maybe check the console of your browser to verify that.

Interesting. Could be.

Cosole says, “Loading failed for the with source “https://embed.twitch.tv/embed/v1.js”.
amouranth:623 ReferenceError: Twitch is not defined[Learn More]”

Where Amouranth is the user. Not sure of that is related to SSL or not.

Edited to Add: Other API calls work fine, I can get and browse lists of games, I can queiry for a user and get info on them and this will display on the site fine.

But, the embeds won’t work.

if I try to access the js file direclty by browsing to the link my browser is throwing invalid cert errors at me. so maybe that prevents it from loading the js file and therefore another js file says that sth is undefined bcs the file containing that variable/type wasnt loaded

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