Emergency help: I deleted the twitch extension by mistake

!!! How can I recover it !!!
Plz help me !!!

There is a silf posibility that developers@twitch.tv can help if you email them with the clientID

But it’s slim

Is there no other way?
It seems like a long time to wait for an email reply.

To my knowledge there is not.

Do you know how long it will take for such an email reply?

I do not no.

Thank you very much.

Sorry, I looked back. I don’t quite understand the meaning of these two words. Does it mean low probability or what?

slim possibility.

I typoed

I got it

5 days have passed, and I still haven’t received a reply. Is this normal? Do I still need to wait, or is my email sent incorrectly.

There’s no estimated time on how many working days it takes to get a reply, it varies greatly depending on what other things are going on, what other emails there may be ahead of you or higher priority. It takes as long as it takes.

You may simply be out of luck, and need to make a new Extension and go through the review process again.

That’s too bad. Can’t twitch hire more employees. :cold_face:

Not everything can be solved by just hiring more staff.

Even if they did hire more staff that may not change the fact that Extension deletion has a popup that explicitly warns you what will happen if you proceed with deletion, and you went ahead with it. It’s an unfortunate mistake, but one that will likely be irrevocable, so the sooner you create a new Extension and go through review the sooner your Extension will be out there, and if it turns out they can restore your deleted Extension you could just remove the new one from the review queue.

Although it’s mainly my problem, but I think it is a very incorrect entry. After I entered from an obsolete version of my extension, I found the delete button

I have submitted new extensions after deletion, but the bad news is that their audit team will be on holiday After July 1. :cold_face:

It would be great if their review could solve the problem as quickly as this forum.