Emotes in reward redemption EventSub body

I use the ‘channel.channel_points_custom_reward_redemption.add’ event from EventSub to display a custom alert message. When the webhook is called, I receive the JSON with all data for the event. However it is missing a reference to all emotes used in the ‘event->user-input’ property.

Everything works great as long as the user uses emotes from the channel in which the reward was redeems or from the Global Emotes. However when a user uses an emote from another channel, there is no way to get the proper emote based of the emote name.

IRC- PRIVMSG currently does contain a tag referencing all emotes used in a chat message. Would it be possible to also add this data to the ‘channel.channel_points_custom_reward_redemption.add’ event?


Update: I realise this should be posted in UserVoice. The idea has already been posted there.

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