Empty messages are sent to the chat

Recently Twitch chat was changed so that messages composed only of spaces are now sent to the chat. Sending a single space (" ") was a useful workaround for some chat bots to allow a custom command not to send a message if certain conditions were not met.

Although the standard Twitch chat client won’t allow a chatter to send a message containing only spaces, these messages can be sent programmatically. Is this change a bug or is it the intended behavior?


This would absolutely be a bug. Do you mind sending me an email at aaron@twitch.tv (and some example chat messages to #xangold) ?

Would also love it if you could email a bug report to twitch.tv/help so it gets into their queue. Even if it’s resolved on the side, I’d like that documented in case I don’t get time to get to it.


I have also observed that sending:


Results in no message appearing in “new site” chat… (Need to cross check if my bot picked it up)

Messages starting with “\” do not appear to the local user on Twitch but are sent and others should see it. This has been an issue for some time now.

Sent some example messages to #xangold (it seems to just be any message sent directly through irc can do it) but the messages don’t show up on twitch.tv/xangold, i think it may be due to the chat delay? As they do show on my channel. Anyways though, will send the emails in case no one else has.


I was affected by this as well and I found out when exactly this is happening. If you use the Popout-Chat function you will see the empty messages that OP talked about. Since an Iframe can hold the popout URL (for example https://www.twitch.tv/channelname/chat?darkpopout) chat as well you would see the empty messages. Using https://www.twitch.tv/embed/channelname/chat as documented here will fix the issue immediately - at least for embedded chats.


Edit: apparently thats not the case for everyone. At least I’m confident now, that its an issue with the chat client.

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Hi xangold,

I cannot reproduce the error anymore in any chat interface. Was this issue resolved?


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