Enabling video archive

hey, would be possible to add this feat to the API? Second request: add uptime stream in time format (right now is date). Thanks

What benefit would having that capability in the API have?

users will have enabled video archive?

I mean, having an API to toggle a setting that the broadcaster is going to set once and likely never touch again, what justifies the time spend adding it to the API?

enabling archive is important option. Many users dont know how to do it, they dont even know if its possible… I have application where you can easly set game, descritpion. One thing is really i want from API is option to enable video archive.

@mca64 the SDK is for broadcasting, the API is for viewing. Adding “archive control” to a viewer application seems useless.

i have diffrent opinion, for me all is for programmers to makes things easier. I can make enabling archive, but it will take more time for me than using API

Having an API endpoint to change user settings would be tricky. We aim to have a fairly static set of endpoints and responses, such that developers can use those endpoints without fear of the endpoint changing beneath them. As our available settings change frequently, any endpoint to manipulate them would likewise change frequently, therefore reducing its usability.

so please enable it by default and everyone will be happy