End/renewal date of subscription

I need to notify the expiry of the sub a few days before its.
At the moment I’m trying to use the created_At field, but the result date is inaccurate.
Is there a way to know the expiration date directly from the API?
Or do you know the algorithm for calculating the duration of a month used by twitch?

I’m sorry for any errors in my English.

thanks a lot to everyone,

I’m fairly certain there’s a field like lease_seconds or something that you can provide the number of seconds your webhook is active for. If you can do this, then you should know almost exactly when your webhook expires.

I’m sorry, I must have explained badly what I meant.
with subscription I meant that of a user to a channel.

Now, I am using this “service”, but it does not return me when the sub will be renewed.


Any ideas on how to have it?

many thanks

You can’t, reliably.

You can guess at created_at + 28 days but then thats not reliable.

And in most cases most users are on auto renew anyway. So I’m not sure why it’s useful myself. Unless you are trying to solicit people to reuse their prime sub on a given channel.

And then the end date for that is gawd knows because half the time the token doesn’t release “on time”

yes, in theory I should warn a few days before the deadline in case they want to renew.

I understood that it is a function that I can not have

Anyway, thanks for your help.


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