Error 401 Unauthorized | OAuth token is missing

Hi there! I’m a beginner developer and I create a node.js application.
I try to call the games endpoint and always get a 401 error. Here’s an example:

request(, {
headers: {
‘Client-ID’: process.env.TWITCH_CLIENT_ID,
‘Authorization’: process.env.TWITCH_ACCESS_TOKEN,
}, (err, res, body) => {
if (err) console.log(err);

error: ‘Unauthorized’,
status: 401,
message: ‘OAuth token is missing’

I also tried got library to rich the endpoint with no success. What me confusing is that I can make exactly the same call using Postman with the desired response.

“data”: [
“id”: “493057”,
“box_art_url”: “’S%20BATTLEGROUNDS-{width}x{height}.jpg

I checked my client ID and recreated my App Access Token and it didn’t help. As I said before, I get success responses using Postman. I also made successful requests with request library to rich other endpoints such as users, streams, followers, and so on. I have a problem only with the games endpoint. Any suggestions?

Should be

‘Authorization’: 'Bearer ' + process.env.TWITCH_ACCESS_TOKEN,
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Sorry, my mistake. Thank you a lot! :upside_down_face:

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