Error 503 Backend.max_conn reached


i am trying to currently create a Selfbuilt Twitchbot which is also able to Announce when i go live.

My current method of checking if someone is Live is by sending a Axios GET request:${channelId} (ChannelID represents the ID of the Streamer i am trying to request the API every 90 Seconds (to prevent spamming) and Check if i am Live. This is a very crappy solution but i am still working my way Through, suggestions for improving that is highly appreciated.

Now the Issue: After a while (multiple hours) i start to receive the response. Header 503
And as a Body a Div containing: Error 503 Backend.max_conn reached

if you search for that error message barely anything comes up. I coded my Bot in a way to respect the Ratelimits (if a 429 Response comes back) but it does not seem to happen but receive a 503

Sidenode: I use my Applications Client-ID as a Header and usually it works perfectly fine.

Thanks AHead!

5xx errors mean that “twitch is broken try again later”

For this use case EventSub is a better fit

As twitch will tell you when the stream goes live/offline instead of you having to go check.

Also note that Kraken is deprecated and you should move to helix

You would use an app access token here for server to server requests

Thanks a lot!

For some reason i have actually tried looking for Helix Docs but i always ended up at Kraken (Search Engine fooled me)

i will definetly work on it and hope to improve. Thanks a lot!

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