Error 503 - erver Error: Service Unavailable:

Is there a problem with Twitch API atm? Randomly getting

503 Server Error: Service Unavailable: Back-end server is at   capacity for url:


That URL is not a documented endpoint

As such it can change or break at anytime

And has no obligations to be working for you to use

There is no documented or supported endpoint for third parties to get a list of Hosts

uservoice for a supported endpoint

o_O URL has worked for literally years.

It’s still not documented.

Which means we are not supposed to be using it

Everything under is undocumented. So it can change or break at any time since it’s not documented for us to use, so we are not supposed to be using it, even though many people do

is stable?

Working fine here

I meant from an API perspective. ie Twitch will not pull that one away too.

It’s documented

So any changes or removals of this endpoint should be announced.

I understand where you’re coming from but simply announcing it isn’t the problem… You could very well change the data model such that any inference magically becomes void… because it wasn’t documented. “type” for example. No idea why there is only one value.

“You”? I am not Twitch/Twitch staff.

When helix was introduced, we had reruns in there but it broke a long time ago.

So Twitch just removed type differentiation. And that was announced on the forums.

It’s also being bug tracked

And we have a Uservoice for the functionality here

type is documented


It just only has one value at time of writing

Technically “you” still could :slight_smile: It was meant more general.

Don’t really care about reruns or hosted though that explains some odd cases where reruns were showing. Good to know.

It’s documented for now but any inferences based on it may not. If for some boneheaded reason Twitch decided hosted meant live and you filter based on the oposit, it will break.

Then that’s a bug that should be reported to the github so it can be resolved.

Or a change that would be documented or announced

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