Error when playing streams in Cordova/Crosswalk


When trying to play a stream from a Cordova app with Crosswalk on Android an error occurs.I use iframe embed with this url

The error

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'cast' of undefined

This is the code that fails in player.a6a9466770cb8e265ff6.js

if( contains

{cast: Object}

u contains

{chrome: undefined}

The error only occurs in the cordova app on Android. It works as it should in the iOS app, Android chrome browser, desktop chrome browser.

We’re using Crosswalk

Something is behaving really strange…

Has anyone else hade the same problem and solved it or is it something the Twitch devs can look at?

Best Regards,

I have the exact same problem, have you found any solution?

Unfortunately not… We’re now showing the video in the app on iOS and opening when on Android. But thats not what we want in the end.

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