Essential Feedback

Okay so as an avid twitch user, who has been on the platform viewing, and streaming since 2011 I have some vital feedback if you actually care about your viewers. Are you wondering why everyone is muting your ads as of recently, cuz I know I am. I listen to twitch streams with headphones on, and you literally caused irreversible Brain damage and a ruptured ear drum because your ads literally BLEW my ear drum out. TURN YOUR ADS DOWN if you don’t want people to leave the platform altogether or if you want people to stop muting ads, or finding ways around watching ads THEN YOU NEED AN AUDIO EXPERT TO ADJUST THE BALANCES. Ads are way too loud for anyone watching streams with headphones. like Hello? is anyone testing anything?

This is a developer community, no one here can do anything about ad volume.

If you want to submit a feature request you need to do it on UserVoice