EventSub API documentation inconsistency

I guess I have found a inconsistency in the Twitch EventSub documentation, the documented sort order of event attributes for the Channel Points Custom Reward Redemption Add Event doesn’t seem to be the way they are are returned by the EventSub (see screenshot).


I hoped to find some place at github where I could simply add a PR. But since I couldn’t find one, I reported it via the “Provide feedback for this page” button at the end of the documentation page (where I forgot to mention the main id as well).

In fear that might be a dead and I am simply reposting this issue here. If that was a good place, this issue can be archived.

Thanks in advance, kind regards!

And it isn’t any better with the Channel Points Custom Reward Add/Update/Remove Events…

The order of the keys in the JSON blob is irrelevant, to how JSON is parsed.

This is not a documentation bug really and the order of keys in the JSON blob could change at any time, as the order of keys in the object is irrelevant

For future reference documentation issues can be reported on Issues · twitchdev/issues · GitHub

For reference:


So the standard itself doesn’t have any ordering requirements, or significance, for JSON.

Thanks a lot for the clarification.

Thanks as well to you for clarifying this.

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