EventSub API updates

I’ve got an app that lets users subscribe/unsubscribe to EventSub notifications. We need to store the subscription id in our system, because that needs to get passed to DELETE route when a user wants to unsubscribe from a notification.

I’d really love if the GET would be expanded to include the ability to supply at a condition to the query. Or add a search route that has more enhanced querying capabilities. Then I can lookup via the API any subscriptions that meet a particular condition, and make the calls to the twitch API to remove them. And I can get out of the business of trying to keep IDs in sync in my app.

Or maybe this is already possible and I’m just overlooking something. Now that would be nice. :grinning:

Currently the only supported filters are

  • type
  • status

There is also a number of uservoices to improve filtering/search of the “Get EventSub Subscriptions” endpoint, upvote or raise your own

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