EventSub Channel Point Redeem automod

When using the EventSub and using the ChannelPoints Custom Reward redeem subscription. Is there a way to check if the input a user entered has been automodded?

If you got the redeem, then it passed automod.

That’s not true. I got a channel point redeem event fired from event sub and it was automodded the other night

Automod should run when the text is entered and before it gets to chat (in my opinion)

And if not that feels like a first party bug, not a third party one

I guess if it’s automodded after the fact or moderated by a moderator then you want to consume the relevant moderator action topics which is currently on pubsub.

Wondering if the statuses may be of help. Since there is 4 statuses one being unknown. That is not documented what “unknown” means though

4 status where?

A Cahnnel point redeem is either fulfilled, unfulfilled or cancelled, I don’t know of any other states.

EventSub Reference | Twitch Developers

Defaults to unfulfilled . Possible values are unknown , unfulfilled , fulfilled , and canceled .

never seen one of those in my dump log of every redeem I’ve ever logged (since eventsub began) on like 10/15 channels I have on file.

So not sure if docs bug or an actual legit state, as a result.

Seems like a potential issue if someone has like TTS setup on a channel point redeem. The event sub channel.channel_points_custom_reward_redemption.add gets fired then automod kicks in.

Then run the redeem thru the automod API before you pass it to TTS or add a delay queue and wait for mod approval or automod to run if you get automod signals.

Which might also be good in order to allow mods to hit it before it goes for TTS generation for things auto mod doesnt catch.

But really automod should run before it arrives in chat, so could be first party issue.

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