EventSub Limitations

I am a little confused regarding the limitations of EventSub. Basically, I am just looking to sub to live and offline status of particular streams, which only requires a server token and no user token (if I am not mistaken). my question is: is there a limit to the amount of subscriptions or channels that the “server” can sub to? I saw something that said it is adjusted based on the application’s user base but how would that apply to my server? Thanks

Wihtout authentication from the user

You can create 10,000 cost 1 topics.

If you authenticate a user, the public topics for that user become cost 0.
So if you authenticate all users you can have infinite topics.

With out authenticating the user(s)

You can subscribe to 5000 streamers

5000 stream up’s
5000 stream down’s

As they will be cost 1.

All EventSub subscriptions are created using an App Access Token.

If you have a user token for a user, you still use your App Access token to create the Webhook transport based EventSub. Just topics you create for that user will be cost 0

Perfect, thank you much for the clarification.

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