EventSub : Sub streak

Hello here,

I’m working on a project with the EventSub subscription but can someone tell me how I can get the sub streak of a user who sub ?
For example I want to know if the user who sub are sub to the channel for 3 months in a row etc


That information is included in the channel.subscription.message topic

The data keys are:


Oh ok thanks
But do you know why with twitch cli, I can’t do that ?

And other question :
How can I know if user who sub use prime or not ?

You called websub instead of eventsub

websub is the deprecated webhooks system
eventsub is it’s replacement

Same without the websub

I don’t understand why

Works fine for me

twitch event trigger subscribe-message -s cake -F

What version are you running?

barrycarlyon@Robyn ~ % twitch version

Ok I was on 1.0.2, I update my version and it’s working ! Thanks

channel.subscription.message is only triggered when a user sub with a message ?
Because I want all this data when a user sub, message or not

It triggers when a resub is shared in chat.

A resub shared in chat could have a message or the message could be blank

But if he don’t share, how can I get this data ? I want the data every time a user sub, shared or not

This is not possible. No share, no notification.

Related uservoices:

Ok thanks, there is a way to know if user use Prime for sub ?

Not via EventSub no.

A tier 1 sub is a tier 1 sub regardless of the “payment” source.

So only tier information is returned.

But there is a way to get that info ?

Not Via EventSub no

Chat and PubSub will declare if it’s Prime or not

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