EventSub subscription limit cost-based system and `limit` field deprecation

In February, we proposed a new approach to EventSub subscription limits on RFC 0014. Twitch applications were given a static subscription limit of 10,000 when EventSub launched and this Request For Comments proposed a cost-based system that would allow for subscription limits to scale with an application’s user growth. We’re very appreciative of the feedback the community provided and glad to have made this improvement to support the successful growth of your work.

What’s new?

As of March 12, 2021, this cost-based system has gone into effect and the EventSub documentation regarding limits has been updated accordingly. When calling Get EventSub Subscriptions from the Twitch API, you will notice a new cost field for each subscription as well as total_cost (i.e. the sum of all your subscription costs) and max_total_cost (i.e. the maximum total cost that your application can use) at the top level of returned payload. Please see the documentation and the RFC for details and feel free to asked questions in the #eventsub-help channel on the TwitchDev Discord server.

What’s changing?

With the new cost-based system implemented, the limit field in the “Get EventSub Subscriptions” return payload is no longer needed or applicable. This field is now considered deprecated and will be removed from the return payload on or soon after May 11, 2021. Please make sure your application is not checking this value to avoid potential disruption at that time.

As always, please feel free to ask any questions below, in the other forum categories here, or on the TwitchDev Discord server.