EventSub : subscription missing proper authorization


I got a app bearer token using : with grant_type : client_credentials
But when I want to use it to create subscription for Eventsub I have this error :

Can you tell me why ?

Which Topic?

This suggests you tried to create a subscription for a privledged topic.
Such as subscribers.

But you don’t have permission to read subscribers for that streamer

For this :

And if I try with :

Your ClientID doesn’t have authorisation to read subscription information for the requested broadcaster ID.

You need to do a user authentication flow for that broadcaster to obtain permission.

So: obtain a User Access Token with the relevant scopes via a normal oAuth (the discard it or keep it, I usually keep it so I can do “my service was down” catch ups and resyncs)
Then use your App Access Token (no user attached) to create the subscriptions

I wrote futher on the duality of EventSub here:

When I use authentication user with login button and I used the token, I have this error :

You need to user authenticate to get permissions for your ClientID

And THEN use the App Access Token with EventSub.
EventSub only supports App Access Tokens.

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