EventSub websocket - "4003 connection unused" after session_reconnect message

Hey there, might be an issue on my end, but I have no idea what I am doing wrong here.

To be clear, I am able to connect successfuly to the EventSub websocket and receive the events, the problem only arises when trying to reconnect after receiving the “session_reconnect” message.

More precisely when establishing the connection using the provided url, awating the welcome message, then closing the old connection.

Following the documentation here: , my untrained eye tells me my implementation meets the requirements.

Implementation (relevant code):

import WebSocket from "ws";

    WELCOME = "session_welcome",
    RECONNECT = "session_reconnect",
    // ...

class TwitchEventSub {
    // ...
    handleEventSubMessage(data: WebSocket.RawData, _is_bin: any) {
        let obj = JSON.parse(data.toString());
        const msg_type = obj["metadata"]["message_type"];

        switch (msg_type) {
            case MESSAGE_TYPE.WELCOME: {
                if (this.old_websocket !== undefined) {
                    IO.quietPrint("Closing old EventSub WebSocket.");
                    this.old_websocket = undefined;
                    "Successfully connected to Twitch EventSub WebSocket."
                this.websocket_session_id = obj["payload"]["session"]["id"];
            case MESSAGE_TYPE.RECONNECT: {
                    "Received reconnection message from Twich EventSub WebSocket."
                const reconnect_url = obj["payload"]["reconnect_url"];
                this.old_websocket = this.websocket!;
            // ...

    reconnectTwitchEventSubWebsocket(new_url?: string) {

    createTwitchEventSubWebsocket(url?: string): Promise<void> {
        return new Promise((resolve) => {
            this.websocket = new WebSocket(
                url === undefined ? "wss://" : url
            let ws = this.websocket;

            ws.on("open", () => {
                ws.on("message", (data, _) =>
                    this.handleEventSubMessage(data, _)
                // ...
                ws.on("close", (code: number, reason: Buffer) => {
                        `Closed Twitch Events WebSocket with message: ${code} ${reason.toString(
    // ...

I can provide more of the code if it doesn’t show enough.

Here is what I see with the logging:

[19:17:28] Received reconnection message from Twich EventSub WebSocket.
[19:17:28] Closing old EventSub WebSocket.
[19:17:28] Successfully connected to Twitch EventSub WebSocket.
[19:17:38] Closed Twitch Events WebSocket with message: 4003 connection unused

As said before I am most likely missing something obvious or the timing is wrong somewhere.
Please help! :pray:

The issue looks to be const reconnect_url = obj["payload"]["reconnect_url"];, as the docs show that there is a “session” object between “payload” and “reconnect_url”.

So your reconnect_url that is being passed to createTwitchEventSubWebsocket will be undefined and use the default URL.

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Thanks a lot, can’t believe I missed that

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