EventSub WebSockets are now out of beta and generally available

EventSub is our interface that defines the real-time Twitch events accessible to third-party developers such as hype trains, when a creator goes live, or when a viewer subscribes to a channel. Providing this information empowers creator tools, games, and other applications to build interactive experiences and provide those magic moments in live broadcasting that are compelling and meaningful.

At the end of last year, we launched an open beta that added WebSockets as the second transport protocol to EventSub providing developers the option between this and Webhooks depending on their use case. During this open beta phase, we gathered your feedback to improve the product and we’re excited to announce that the WebSockets transport type is now generally available. This means that developers can have full confidence utilizing WebSockets in their production environments with no major updates that would require further development.

What’s new now that WebSockets is GA?

  • Increase subscription limits from 100 to 300 per WebSocket
  • Improvements for scalability and client connection management
  • Documentation updates for further clarity where necessary
  • General bug fixes

How do I get started?

The EventSub documentation for WebSockets is available on the Twitch developer website. There you’ll find a guide for WebSockets and the API reference to support the new protocol.

Where can I provide feedback?

Even though WebSockets is beyond the open beta phase, we are always open to your comments, questions, and feedback. To provide suggestions, please use the EventSub UserVoice forum. And you can always use this forum or the TwitchDev Discord server for discussing WebSockets with other members of the community.


EventSockets are real and they WILL hurt you~

great that they are GA now! Any ETA on when the docs will be updated to reflect these changes?

Yes, the documentation updates are going live right now!

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