Example Notification Payload typo?


Is there a typo in the Topic: Subscription Events example notification payload?

  "data": [

      "id": "1Gf161qjQtk0mOMD4VeIMjTGPUk",
      "event_type": "subscriptions.subscribe",
      "event_timestamp": "2019-02-03T08:14:19Z",
      "version": "1.0",
      "event_data": {
        "broadcaster_id": "113627897",
        "broadcaster_name": "Birdman616",
        "is_gift": true,
        "plan_name": "Channel Subscription (Birdman616)",
        "tier": "1000",
        "user_id": "44322889",
        "user_name": "dallas"

Is it missing a } after “user_name”: “dallas” ?

Thanks in advance!

It’s been reported a few times, it’s pending a docs fix

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This has been fixed. Thanks for your patience!

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