Exentsion Background Service single instance

Hi there. Sorry for topic duplicate but I didn’t found any similar. My question is: Are EBS is single instance for all streamers that use the same extension or every streamer have own instance for him channel?

Twitch don’t provide an EBS, it is a server controlled/run by the extension developer, so what infrastructure you use and what software it’s running is entirely up to you.

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Can you please explain some moments? Sorry for questions, it’s a bit hard for me to read documentation in English.
Can I do extension without EBS and use twitch’s API for storing some values (for example, token of third-party API)

An EBS is optional, and you can store some values using Twitch’s Extension config server https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/extensions/building/#configuration-service

It depends on your use case though, the configuration service is not suitable for all extensions and is intended as a config store and not a frequently accessed/edited state store. For some types of extensions you will have no choice but to run your own EBS to have the services you need.

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