Expanding Twitch’s Alerts and Activity Feed with third-party events

As you may have seen during the TwitchCon Las Vegas opening ceremony or in our latest update to the Twitch Alerts help article, we have launched a pilot program with a select group of applications to explore a new feature that allows third-party developers to send real-time event information to Twitch. These events can then be displayed in Twitch’s Alerts as well as the broadcaster’s Activity Feed. We believe third-party events are a unique opportunity to integrate further into the Twitch experience, reduce the burden to support browser sources, and simplify streamer workflows.

What’s new?

Beginning today, we would like to know if you have an application, Extension, or game that could benefit from third-party events as we continue to iterate on the idea. The form below is intended for interested developers to tell us what kind of events they would provide, why those events are important to streamers, and examples of how streamers use their product now.


What’s next?

Our goal is to expand the program to more developers and consider new applications on a case by case basis as providing access is currently a manual process. The interest we receive will also determine how often we review submissions and how it may be possible to provide third-party events in a more scalable way moving forward. More than one entry can be submitted by developers who may have multiple applications to be considered.

Please feel free to provide any additional comments or questions below.


I’d argue this warrants/allows Add support for Alerts to be triggered by Third Party Developers – Twitch UserVoice to be closed/marked as completed!

I am still looking forward to it being scaled/opened up to developers more broadly!

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Love the plans for new integrations. Keep up the good work Twitch! Hope to hear back from you soon.

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This is awesome!

One of my use cases will be to publish alerts when viewers use bits within my extension and notifying the stream!

This removes my dependency on having streamlabs or external websource configured by streamers to display these types of alerts!

Awesome update! We’ve been really looking forward to this.
We’ll be excited to integrate Pulsoid as a heart rate data source to make alerts easier and smoother for content creators

That’s a very cool update and will help 3rd party apps feel even more integrated inside the Twitch ecosystem! Excited to try it out on my extensions both as a dev and streamer.