Exporting Bits data from Twitch API to Excel


Now that the new API is up, we are in dire need of support: we need a method to export a list of all Twitch user accounts who cheered Bits over a given time period, in order to properly track and award contest winners. The data’s all there; there just doesn’t appear to be any broadcaster-facing method of exporting that data.

Context: one of our channels runs a monthly contest which awards prizes to user accounts who cheer over 10,000 bits per month. We are currently unable to award those prizes for January and February because we don’t have a complete list of all user accounts which qualified. This is causing a drop in revenue and angering fans.

We’ve attempted an engineering solution on our own to get the data by following instructions provided at https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/api/reference#get-bits-leaderboard – however, we need the OAuth token or Client ID of the channel in order to proceed. Where can we find this information?

There is an active related thread for this inquiry (dealing with the same Twitch channel that we’re inquiring on behalf of as their publisher): Having trouble applying scopes on OAuth token creation

Please let us know if there’s anything you can do to help!


As advised in that thread.

You need an oAuth token from the streamer/channel for that scope.

In that thread they got a “App token” instead of a “user token”

You specifically need to refer to this section Authentication | Twitch Developers

and request the bits:read scope

And if you don’t have a ClientID yet:

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