Extension and affiliate

I have a small problem to join the affiliate program because of the extension developer program.
I filled the extension developer form thinking that it would give me access to the affiliate program because twitch did not propose to join him, but he finds that his has not unlocked anything and that support twitch does not do not answer.

Do you know how I can do?
Sorry for my english I use a translator

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Completing the extension developer onboarding does not provide access to the affiliate program. You still need to complete the program requirements to become a Twitch Affiliate. If you have completed these requirements, received an invite, and still do not have access, you will need to work with Twitch Support to resolve the issue.

Hey I’ve emailed twitch each day this week after completing the path to AFFILIATE I was given the extension onboarding which I completed. Now I’m stuck in the middle can’t progress anymore its really depressing what should I do I want to CONTINUE to use twitch but not if they are just using me. HELP?

  1. This already a thread to post regarding this issue Having problems on-boarding? Post here! so please use that rather than bump old threads.

  2. If you’re emailing Twitch every day, then please stop abusing their support email. Once is enough for them to create a support ticket. Further emails will not help speed up the process in any way, it is the weekend so they likely wont have many staff working today, so please be patient and give them time.