Extension - Bits not enabled

Hello Barry.
Im having the same issue. I have tried all the options given to test the bits. isBitsEnabled is allways false.

  1. “This extension can use bits in the Extension features on my channel” is checked.
  2. “This Extension offers some experiences in exchange for Bits” is checked in the monetization tab.
  3. I have products in the catalog maked as in developent inside the Rig.

The only place where I get the isBitsEnabled to true is inside the Rig. Sadly bits can not be tested there.

Please let me know if there is something else I can do.

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  1. You necro’ed a year old post, so I’m gonna split this out to a seperate thread
  2. One Creator Dashboard click “my extensions” then “manage permissions” check if the “Bits” toggle is enabled for your extension
  3. If you are testing on a channel that is not affiliate or partner then they can’t receieve bits so the boolean will be false. (even though testing may work)
  4. if this is a just released extension, reinstall the extension on the target channel

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