Extension Chat Message description

If I send a message with my extension and click on the name in chat it open a popup with the full description of the extension instead of the summary.

As I read under “Description” in dev page it should be shown only under “Details” but it is not true. Is it a known bug?

The developer console gives no information on which is used in the chat popup.

The summary is used for video extensions in the tarkbar UI. For Example:


It’s always been this way round so not sure if it’s a typo on the dev console. Or not. Chat popup has always been the longer version (and I’ve never really thought about it sicne my long descriptions work good in the ext’s that uses chat)

I see, now is more clear. The description works as well, but I tought it show the summary in chat, nevermind, I will change the description since it is really soooo big (but still fit the space).

I’ve a question, there is a way to test video component like in your screenshot without being online with a stream?

The optimal testing scenario is to be live.

It is time to start Software and game development streams :joy: thx a lot

I run all my tests on a bot/secondary channel rather than main.

So restarts and stuff don’t confuse followers

@BarryCarlyon there is a section where can I post suggestion for Twitch Devs? Maybe they will change the way description is shown in chat.

uservoice: https://twitch.uservoice.com/forums/310213-developers

Thanks, opened the idea