Extension Choice

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is an extension developed on Twitch which does the following:
Allows the streamer to select an image on a screen not being shown on stream. When the streamer selects the image, it will automatically display on the stream.

Trying to automate the process so the streamer can just click on an image they want to show and it will display on stream.

This forum focuses on helping developers build extensions rather than finding existing extensions.

I don’t know of an extension that does that, but I did build similar functionality in another extension for a streamer, so it is possible

Is the extension you built public? Id love to check it out

No the extension in question is limited to two channels

Could you guide me on the basics required for this extension?
My app will store the selected images in a database. I want the twitch extension to fetch the entry in the database and display it on stream.

Then build that, extensions are essentially just websites wehre the front end is on a different server to the backend, if the extension even has a backend

I see. My initial plan was to have a separate web app and then the Twitch extension will fetch the data from that webapp’s backend. But from what I gathered from you, it would be ideal to build the webapp as an Extension which would then mean I can cut out the the need for the other app?

either approach seems sound