Extension Config view doesn't load

@BarryCarlyon I’ve been getting the same issue. You basically try and run through the tutorial: Locally Test Your Extension | Twitch Developers but when you get to the local testing part none of the code in the config.html shows up. So you just get a basic config page with a title: “Configure your Extension”, with the correct Extension name and Author name, and a little bit of text saying "You must configure this third party Extension before you go live, to provide the best experience for your viewers. Once active, you can manage your Extension by visiting the Extension Manager.

It lets you install it but you can’t configure it or get it working as intended.

Move to a new post as you necro’ed a 2 year old post.

Open inspector tools and debug why you config view is not loading.

Check console and network and debug why it is not loading.

Given you are in local test that tutorial should still be valid

Extensions are debugged the same way as a real website so debug them the same way you would a website, as extensions are websites

I’m not sure what I changed but I’ve managed to get it working now. There are 2 things I changed before it started working again:

  1. I changed from step 2 to step 3 (though the local test should have worked at step 2 so probably not the reason)
  2. I filled in a few more details such as Author name. I had filled these in already but hadn’t made a new version since doing that. After doing step one and creating a new version it started working though.