Extension Deactivated for Reruns

All backstories aside and long story short - I was told today that Twitch disabled video overlay extensions on reruns due to it actually being a bug. However, this action has caused a few issues for my extension. I developed a “Roleplay Extension” that is in a whitelist only early access as I continue to build out requested features, here’s my Use Cases:

(1) My user base utilizes the extension for their reruns as it supports their content with it. This is because the extension has value in both variants of content (rerun or live).

(2) I’m a partnered broadcaster who actively streams. Due to this “bug fix” I can’t submit a new version of my extension without going live now. Previously, being able to have a rerun going allowed twitch to review my extension without me consuming 15+ hours of bandwidth and running into the potential for messing with my stream schedule.

I have done live streams to a dummy account that isn’t my own channel - but this doesn’t solve the problem at all. I still am forced to choose specific times around an already incredibly rigid schedule of content types.

The short of this is that my extension has become devalued losing functionality from reruns and that it directly interferes with me as a streamer.