Extension dont work correctly on mobile

I’m trying to make our Extension ready for mobile (Twitch App).
But I have a problem:
The Extension is displayed inside the twitch App (testing mode at the moment). But it seems that our REST-API calls to our server do not work (it sends no request). But on the Twitch App I cant debug anything.

What I tryed: If I load the mobile version in a panel on on my channel, it works correctly. If I open the mobile version in developer rig, it works correctly.

So Im shure that the code itselfs works correctly.

What could be the problem?
How I can find out what the problem the App is? Any assumptions?

Maybe its a kind of cache problem?
I uploaded new Extension files on our EBS, but in the App it displays still the old one.
How can I force the Twitch-App to reload all files of the Extension?