Extension for telekinetic objects [cctv]

I’ve been working and researching on making interactive videos in real time. I was wondering if it’d be possible to control a cctv camera by using interactive extensions that put buttons on the stream video on twitch. I made a prototype by using servo motors to tilt/shift a webcam pwith node.js code on my own website in real time. I believe this could be done on twitch, it’s like putting link buttons on the left and right side of video. when the viewer clicks on the left button, the camera goes to left.
could you affirm this can get done on twitch? eagerly waiting replies.
this is the niche for IoT gaming.

You would have to handle the server to send the proper informations to the correct machine but it’s totally doable.
Technically, extension are simply webpages so you can just have buttons that contact your server :slight_smile:

Thanks very much. this is very exciting.
just on another note, do you know any reliable online server that can host IoT devices? I’m not sure if IBM Watson Bluemix is still around, and I don’t want to go over the static IP and setting up server process. I’m pretty sure there is a secure service that can easily get integrated with Twitch.
Thanks again for all the great news with your sincere attention.