Extension Manager Update: Categories and New Discovery Image for Extensions

UPDATE: As of 11AM PST on Monday, June 4th, the Developer Site Dashboard has been updated to require both items listed below for submission to have your extension reviewed.

ORIGINAL: As you might have seen from the May 2018 Developer Update, the Extension Manager is getting an update! We’re bringing categories and an updated UI to the Extension Manager, and part of this update will include an additional requirement for extension submissions.

Starting next week (June 4), the developer site dashboard will be updated to support additional requirements for you to fulfill before submitting your extension for review: choosing a category for your extension and providing a new image asset for the Extension Manager. Read more below on what we’ll now require and how it affects you.

General Category

As a developer submitting an extension, you will be able to select in which category your extension is displayed when it is released in the Extension Manager. We have created eight categories for you to select from:

  • Extension for Games: Extensions that are built specifically to support games, regardless if the extension supports one specific game or many.
  • Games in Extensions: For the games that exist IN extensions themselves!
  • Schedule and Countdowns: Extensions that support a streamer’s schedule or ability to communicate to their community their next event or stream.
  • Polling and Voting: Extensions to get viewer feedback or to help make decisions during the stream.
  • Loyalty and Recognition: Extensions that help viewers use loyalty points or provides a way for them to be recognized in the channel (like a leaderboard).
  • Music: Extensions that support showing streamers current song or provides viewers the ability to request songs from the streamer.
  • Viewer Engagement: Extensions that help drive different ways for the viewer to engage that might not be supported by a different category.
  • Streamer Tools: Extensions that might not be supported by a different category or are viewed as supplemental support.

Developers can only select one general category to put their extension into. As you update your extension, you are free to change your general category if you believe your extension belongs in a different category over time.

If you are a developer that already has an extension released in the Extension Manager: we have reviewed all extensions and categorized them as a means to prepare for launching the updated Extension Manager. You are able to re-submit your extension through the developer site dashboard with a different category selected if you believe your extension fits better in one we did not select.

If you don’t believe any category we offer supports your extension: You will still be required to select a category, however you can send us feedback through this Google form for new category types you believe might better serve the Extension Manager.

Discovery Image

As part of the Extension Manager update, extension listings will look different, as shown below:

With the developer site dashboard update next week, you will also be required to submit a 300x200 PNG image to include in the Extension Manager to help with discovery. We’ve provided some guidelines to help with crafting your new Discovery image:

  • Minimal text in the image
  • Refrain from adding too much detail into the image for better visibility
  • Refrain from having transparency in your PNG

If you have any questions, let us know. We will update this forum post once the changes to the developer site dashboard have been made next week!