Extension Marketing / Advertising

Does Twitch have any resources to help developers market / advertise new extensions? Aside from displaying the extension in the extensions list, which is very helpful. Without a huge blog or brand presence, and with limited resources, it’s hard for solo developers to gain traction. How can Twitch help a new extension gain popularity? I feel like more support in this area will encourage more development and is a win-win for Twitch, streamers, and devs.

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Twitch can’t help you, if they did we’d end up in the situation we have now, with “Help small streamers” and “why didn’t twitch help me”

That aside, the easiest way, is to approach broadcasters whom you think could benefit from your extension, most have business contact emails. “Hey I made this it does x I think if you install it, it will help you because of y”

One of my extensions I turned around to a group of streamers and went “hey I’m thinking of making this, it’ll do y, and it’ll help you do z” and whence I released it I wrote about it on the relevant reddit (since it’s a game specific extension)

There is no hard and fast way to promote your work, or even get people to use it. Twitch can’t really help with that, since it results in “favourtism” or overlooking of other people (which will be how the unselected people would view it)

Providing a platform, and promoting individual contributors to the platform is not easy! It is worth knowing that a significant percentage of Extension discovery comes from channel pages and not the Extension manager. Roughly speaking, this means that getting a streamer with a sizeable audience is a great way to drive adoption!

Also, significant enhancements to Extension discovery and management are coming soon (and are on our public roadmap)!