Extension missing from Get User Active Extensions endpoint

We’ve been trying to integrate the Get User Active Extensions endpoint into our Twitch extension to help the broadcaster during setup. Specifically, we’d like to remind the broadcaster in our (downloaded) application’s UI that they still need to go and activate the extension on their channel on Twitch.

The Get User Active Extensions endpoint looks like it accomplishes exactly this, and when I try it using non-personalized client credentials using an API client and a user_id I can indeed see the extensions activated on various channels. However, our released overlay extension with the client id pdspa6il7uylrm3qov7u0wdm4fgfcz exhibits a weird behavior where streams with it just seem to report that no overlay extension is installed. I’m puzzled, as I’ve seen other extension there and even another extension we maintain has no problem appearing there.

If you want to reproduce this yourself, our streams with the user ids 173220974 and 645825848 both have the extension installed, yet the API reports no overlay extension for either:

GET https://api.twitch.tv/helix/users/extensions?user_id=173220974

The funny thing is, as soon as I switch the channel to our other extension, it’s reported immediately:

GET https://api.twitch.tv/helix/users/extensions?user_id=173220974
{"data":{"panel":{"1":{"active":false},"2":{"active":false},"3":{"active":false}},"overlay":{"1":{"active":true,"id":"apwln3g3ia45kk690tzabfp525h9e1","version":"1.2.0","name":"Hearthstone Deck Tracker"}},"component":{"1":{"active":false},"2":{"active":false}}}}

I already noticed this behavior during the extension’s invite-only test period and just thought this was an effect of the extension not being fully released yet. But now as the extension has been fully released for nearly 24 hours, I’m starting to think that something else is going on.

Has anybody else seen this before or someone from the Twitch team have an explanation for this behaviour?

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