Extension not loading on Mobile App

I’m trying to setup my Extension to work on mobile devices. On my twitch app, I can see the extension in the chat, but when I select the extension it just shows a spinning loading icon. The extension never seems to load. I moved my extension into the ‘hosted test’ phase so that the assets are coming from the Twitch CDN. It works on web just fine.

Any ideas on how to debug the issues with developing an extension on mobile devices in the twitch app?

Let me guess iOS?

Actually I have a Google Pixel for testing.

I got it working. Reuploaded the ZIP and rebooted the phone. Seems to load from the ‘hosted test’ phase now.

I just got access to an iphone and can’t seem to get it to work on IOS though. The puzzle piece looking icon for extensions doesn’t even show up on my iphone. Any ideas on why? It works just fine on my Pixel.

Building Extensions (Mobile Support): Due to requirements recently communicated to us by Apple, Extensions support on iOS devices (including the ability to test on iOS) is now restricted to Apple Developer Program members.

If you have released a mobile extension: Your extension no longer appears on iOS. Twitch will contact you soon about adding iOS support.

Update from the docs: If you develop a mobile Extension for iOS, please make sure you have an Apple developer account, and then fill out this form to request iOS support.

Just a note. you need a MacOS or iOS device to setup 2FA to get access to the ADP