Extension/OBS integration?

I’ve been experimenting with having my chat be able to vote on which scene is used on my stream. Its been pretty straightforward and I have an irc bot that writes out a file on my stream pc to drive the OBS advanced scene switcher.

It seems like an extension would allow for a better UI and viewer experience. Looking through the initial documentation and stuff I’m concerned that being able to write files or otherwise interact with OBS on the streamer’s system may be outside the intent of what extensions are allowed to do and possibly introduce obvious security concerns.

Are there any examples of extensions that do that sort of thing?

There are a number of Extensions that currently require custom software to be installed and configured on a broadcaster’s machine in order for the Extension to function correctly. There was even one available when Extensions first launched.

My main feedback here is to provide clear instructions for the broadcaster to follow to setup what they need.

A side question related to clickable interfaces for overlays: Is there a workaround to prevent two fast consecutive clicks being registered as a command to toggle fullscreen mode on the player?

This is a curly question, where the answer will almost always result in at least one person that is not happy. The current behaviour as per the documentation:

When a viewer clicks into an extension, Twitch sends focus back to the player, to ensure that keyboard shortcuts for the player continue to work. However, if an extension asks viewers to click on a form field element (for example, “field,” “select,” “textarea”) and the viewer does so, the focus stays on the form element.

Viewer’s expect to use player controls, which is why this approach was taken.

That’s understandable, I’ll keep that in mind if I begin adding user input. Another idea I had was to try to work with mouse-hover timings for selections, perhaps with a bar that fills showing when your selection will be made.

Hey @BlueCloudDev -

We actually do provide a way for you to prevent the double-click to fullscreen behavior. You can read about it in our docs here under the “Double-click behavior” bullet.

If you do choose to leverage this, make sure to follow the listed best practices to avoid confusing users!

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll take that into consideration as I build.