Extension opaque id vs client-side js browser fingerprinting

Just curious…

If i want to have a “semi-trackable” unique id to associate to someone viewing my extension… (FYI: I do not care if they are logged-in to Twitch)… Would using a opaque id be better or equal to using a browser fingerprinting library like FingerprintJS ?

Any tips?

There are a number of things that could make a opaqueID change.

As to a lib like fingerprintJS, not sure off hand if Twitch Extension Review would accept of deny an extension including it.

Generally speaking an opaqueID should be sufficent.

Also worth noting that users banned/timedout on a channel can’t see extensions at all.
And mobile you won’t get anything unless they open the extension in the mobile app

Whats up Barry!

So it sounds like for basic tracking the opaqueID could do the trick.

Thx for the info.