Extension Policy Update – Moderation

Today we published a change to our Extension policy regarding Moderation in Extensions. This update notes that as of November 9, 2020, banned users can no longer view Twitch Extensions. Due to this product update, policy 7.5 is no longer applicable and will be removed on February 12, 2021.

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Please make this an option

There are some information only extensions, or extensions that provide the “I want to be unbanned” request form in their extension.

This “forced” disablement of extensions for banned users reduces the functionaly of most of my extensions that are either information only (examples, RollPlay, FlightSimTrack, EliteTrack), or provide the unban request form (examples CohhCarnage Panel Extension).

See also these related UV’s


Additionally this prevents banned users from interacting with any “assessability” extensions that might be in use on the channel, such as Closed Captions extensions for example. Streamers often choose to use an extension here over an OBS/other plugin that sends Captions in the Video Feed due to limitations on styling/color/placement that the Twitch Player (doesn’t) offer.


Thank you for this great update!

However, I get still some reports from streamers using my extension that banned users are still able to use the extension. I investigate it a bit and it seems like extensions are still visible on the mobile Twitch app even after the user got banned. I tested this on Android.

Thanks for sharing! We’ve passed this along to the Extensions team to investigate.

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