Extension review stuck, no responses. Need help


I’m a bit desperate, at the moment.
I can’t get my latest extension update reviewed.

Quick rundown of what happened (or not) so far:
I submitted on Sunday, to make sure it’s in time for the holiday shutdown of the offices.
On Wednesday, 15mins. before the end of office hours, I got a mail questioning a feature that’s been there, and approved, since the very first version - nothing changed there.
Ofc. I immediately replied, but due to the time they were out of the office for the day, already.
So on Thursday, about noon, I sent another reply asking for the current status and if my answer was satisfactory.
I immediately got a reply to that, with another follow up question, that I ofc. also replied to, right away.
And since then, nothing was ever heared of the review staff again.
I tried mailing again, no response.

The extension was not denied, it’s still “In Review”.

And by the end of tomorrow, there will be no more review action for the rest of this year, so I’m getting a bit desperate, now.

We NEED this done, this is blocking the release of the Steam update of the game, which in turn blocks our pre-holidays campaign which again will cause us a lot of inconvinience and problems.

What can I do to get this review processed?
Normally I’d just wait or even re-submit, but with the holiday shutdown iminent, I’m afraid those are no valid options.

Please help.
What is it I need/can/should do now?
I thought a week was enough time to look at the small changes in this version (there’s not much, but unfortunately for the game important things, in this update).
Others got their reviews done within 24h, this week.

I’m at a loss, here.
Thank you.

Oh, and this is the extension version in question:

Hi @HellCat, The Review Team is working through their queue as they wrap up before the holiday break. They have confirmed that they can see your Extension and will get back to you today. You can also expect an email response to your review email as well.

Hey, thanks a ton, really!

And my sincerest apologies for being such a nuisance, I owe you guys a couple of beers!
Happy holidays, and see you in 2021 :slight_smile: :wave:

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