Extension review stuck, no responses

I submitted an extended review about two weeks ago, but so far I haven’t received anything except an email to verify my email

And this is my extension:

If I miss any information, you can raise it at any time.

Extension reviews usually take 2 to 10 working days, and recently it has been a particularly busy time due to the v5 shutdown and CSP changes so the review queue is longer than usual. There’s nothing for you to do but be patient.

Thank you for your reply. I will wait patiently.

We have submitted our extension for review Feb 24th and it’s still not reviewed.
So we are passing 10 working days timeline today and no update.

This doesn’t make sense to me.
Get more people on the review team if you can’t handle things in timely manner

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Reviews take as long as they take. It’s not always as simple as getting more people on the review team as sometimes delays are due to them needing to consult with legal or other such things that may result in a longer than usual review time.

As previously mentioned, there’s increased review times recently due to v5 removal and CSP changes that have resulted in more Extensions being in the review queue. Hiring new staff and training them to handle reviews is not an appropriate solution for a short-term increase in review times (and keep in mind, 2 to 10 working days has been the standard since Extensions launched years ago, so this just the top end of the usual review times, and nothing that shouldn’t be expected).

Review times like this are something developers should be planning for in their release schedules if they have specific deadlines they must meet.

Well it isn’t easy for developers to plan if it’s something that changes from time to time.
Until now we used to have review times within 3-5 Working days, so we were working with this as our guideline. Obviously this has changed and we couldn’t know that and plan accordingly on our end.

2 to 10 working days has been the norm since Extensions launched, and I recommended keeping up to date on the TwitchDev Discord server https://link.twitch.tv/devchat as we frequently have people who post the time it took for their Extension to go through review which will give a general idea of how good or bad the queue might be.

Make sure you leave your feedback on the Questionair when/if you pass review.

Sadly you won’t get much traction posting on the forums about the matter.

I myself and a couple of other got a 9 day review queue

Cheers Barry.

Will do so!

Sorry everyone, it took so long to reply. My extension passed the review the day before yesterday and was released online.