Extension reviewed too long

Hello, good time of day. I can’t finish my extension reviewed. Last time sending extension to review was 19 January 2021 at 2:49 time o’Clock by Moscow timezone (or 18 January at 18:49). How can i get information about review process? May be something gone wrong and my request lost. Release day at 21 and i’m afraid that already have no time to finish it.
Extension “Bits For Tricks 1.0.0”, link: https://dashboard.twitch.tv/extensions/c11m2l35l98w9nz9am6xo3oqhgpn77-1.0.0

Extension review, takes as long as extension review takes.

It can take 3-5 working days and often up to 10 days.

18th Januay 18:49 (moscow time) would be slap bang near the start of Monday for Twitch, and they’ll have the stack of reviews from extensions submitted Sat/Sun to work thru before getting to yours. Assuming they run in order of review.

So you are asking if you can get a “same day review” which is unlikely unless the queue is empty, so a one day review on a Monday, is unlikely.

We are talking Wednesday/Thursday at the latest, in my opinion. But it could take longer.

You’ll also have recieved an email that says something along the lines of the following, when you put your extension into review

Key part here is “Our team will review your Extension and respond with the outcome in an email within the next 3 business days”

Thank you for explanation.

Ups. I made mistake in first message. Last time sending extension to review was not 19 January 2021. It was 10. But nevermind, it’s still need waiting a few extra working days.

that would make today the 7th working day.